India has been exporting garlic for many years. Even in 1961-62, India exported about 2,000 tonnes of garlic. Major importing countries of Indian garlic have been Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Zambia, UAE, Bahrain, Mauritius, Kuwait, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. The export has been 2-3% of the total production. The quantum of exports has been fluctuating due to frequent and sudden change in the policy of garlic-importing countries. China, France, Spain and Egypt are, however, major garlic-exporting countries. These countries being at higher latitudes produce bigger-cloved garlic which are more in demand. In India, production of bigger-cloved garlic is though not on big scale, it is picking up in northern hills and Nilgiri hills in view of increasing demand in export market. Yamuna Safed 3 ( G 282 ) and Agrifound Parvati are the varieties (developed by NHRDF), which are in great demand as they have 50-60 mm bulb diameter with 10-15 cloves per bulb. Cultivation of Yamuna Safed 3 ( G 282 ) garlic from export angle is picking up in Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Haryana and Punjab.India exported 12,210.79 tonnes of garlic in 2006-07. If we are able to produce bigger-cloved variety, the export can be increased by 10-15 times easily. The export is mainly arranged from the ports of Mumbai, Tuticorin, Cochin, Chennai and Kolkata.